How to join our 4WD Club

Membership is open to people whose registered vehicle is a Four Wheel Drive or All Wheel Drive of any make or model.  Under certain circumstances the committee can accept owners of 2WD vehicles as a member.

It must be noted that limits on vehicle participation may be set due to the type of terrain a trip/event is expected to encounter.

If you are interested in joining the Mitsubishi 4WD Club SA, please complete a Membership Application Form and follow the instruction therein for payment.

For further information email the Membership officer :

Prospective members are also invited to visit our Monthly Social Meetings.

  1. Click on button above to download the application form.
  2. Save the file on your Computer / Device in a folder of your choice . . . adding your Surname to the end of “Mitsubishi 4WD Club SA” document title
  3. Open the file you just saved and complete the details
  4. SAVE (so you have a copy) and close
  5. Create an email to and “attach” your saved Membership Application Form.

PAYMENT :  EFT to account details on the Application Form . . . OR If you wish you can forward your Application & Payment to :

Membership Officer
Mitsubishi 4WD Club SA
PO Box 214
Parkholme SA 5043

What is included in the club membership?

The club membership year is from 1st January to 31st December.

For 2023 the annual membership fee is $84.00, of which $12.00 is paid to the South Australian Association of Four Wheel Drive Clubs (4WDSA) as affiliation fees. Membership fees in the first year are calculated on a pro rata basis depending upon the month of joining, as outlined in the application form.

In addition a once off joining fee of $35.00 applies as a contribution towards both the costs of the Club assets / store of knowledge and experience of the Club, to which a new Member immediately gains access, and the supply of a new members kit.

Concessional membership of $72.00 is available to those persons who are a member of any other four wheel drive club that is a member of the South Australian Association of Four Wheel Drive Clubs (4WDSA).


  • Members manual.

  • Name badges (2).

  • Vehicle sticker.

  • Constitution.

  • Equipment list.

  • DVD of All issues of CatChat (Club Magazine) from 1986.


  • Annual membership card.

  • Emailed monthly magazine (CatChat).

  • Mitsubishi Motors Australia Limited (MMAL) and other discounts (refer CatChat Magazine).

  • Voting rights.

  • Levy for Mitsubishi 4WD Club SA Membership of 4WDSA.

  • Club contribution to cost of some social activities (eg Childrens Christmas Party).

  • Purchase of additional Club equipment, library books and occasional cost of Guest speakers.

  • Committee approved Club contribution to some “4WD associated” organisations, eg WA Track Care / The Royal Flying Doctor Service.

Renewal of Membership (Jan / Feb Annually ONLY)

Any Membership not renewed by the end of the second month (ie February) following expiry shall automatically lapse unless a written notice of absence has been accepted by the Committee.

A new application for Membership may be required, at the discretion of the Committee, and subject to payment of a further joining fee before a lapsed Membership can be renewed.