Overview of General Club Policies

4.1.        Approved Activities

For the purposes of these Policies and Rules, only those activities which have been approved by the Club Committee and noted in the Committee minutes are to be regarded as official Club activities. Any activity not so approved shall be considered as a member’s private activity, and should not be discussed during the official part of Social Meetings.  In particular, trips need to be properly approved to ensure that participants are covered by the Club’s Public Liability Insurance.

4.2         Member’s, Guest’s and Visitor’s Responsibilities

All member’s, their guests, and visitors must, at all times, abide by the Club’s Policies and Rules, and regulations laid down by all Government Authorities and the owners of private property.

4.3         Identifying with Club

Any member who at any time can be identified with the Club, either visibly, or in any way whatsoever, shall be bound to comply with these Policies and Rules for the full duration of the time in which such identification may be possible.

4.4         Club Stickers and Badges

All Club identification, stickers and badges must be removed from vehicles prior to disposal or when ceasing to be a member of the Club.

4.5         Club Property

Club property is to be used in the first instance for training sessions and then formally approved trips. As a general rule, usage will be determined on the basis of “first come, first served”; however consideration will also be given to the duration and nature of competing trips. In the event of a dispute over priorities, the decision of the Committee shall be final. Members may be permitted to use Club property on private trips by arrangement with the Committee, subject to the foregoing.

A list of club property along with the person normally responsible for each item is published with the annual accounts and on our website

4.6         Defibrillator

Protocol for the use of the defibrillator can be found on our website under equipment.

4.7         Club Liability

The Club shall not be liable for any damage, expense or inconvenience incurred by members, guests and visitors while on Club activities.

4.8         Committee Power on Membership

The Committee has the power to determine, if necessary:

  • An upper limit to the number of members.
  • Life Memberships.
  • Honorary, Reciprocal and Concessional Membership.

4.9         Life Membership

The Life Members Sub-Committee should take prime responsibility for identifying members warranting recommendation for Life Membership and recommend such to the Committee, but suggestions from ordinary members are welcome and should be addressed to the Life Members Sub-Committee in the first instance.

Although ordinary members of the Club have Family Membership the nomination and awarding of Life Membership is to an individual.

The following criteria should be considered by the Committee before recommending any member for Life Membership.  The only mandatory element of this consideration is ‘exceptional service,’ all other criteria are for the guidance of the Committee.

  • Length of service as an active Club Member.
  • Executive & Committee Membership.
  • Trip or other activity leadership.
  • Driver training activities and leadership.
  • Other volunteer activities that help run, promote, support and/or represent the Club.
  • How the nominee’s contribution to the Club compares with previous Life Members’ contributions.
  • Will the nomination gain the overwhelming endorsement of club members?

All of the above considerations are judgmental as it was not felt appropriate to quantify any of the criteria.

A number of costs are inescapable for active Club members because they are levied by external organisations such as FWDSA and insurers, and a Life Membership for an active Club member implies that the Club must meet these costs.   At their sole discretion a Life Member may choose to pay Club subscription fees until they cease to be an active member of the Club.

Details of Club Life Members can be found on the website, Members Area.