In keeping with the Club’s strong commitment to the conservation of the natural environment we have a long history of undertaking and supporting a wide range of Volunteer and Community work in support of preserving / improving areas of natural and heritage importance.

Activities in which members have been involved include :

  • Ngarkat Conservation Park “Border Track”

    In 1991 29kms of the Border Track between South Australia and Victoria faced total closure following years of severe degradation by inappropriate 4WD use.  However, together with some other 4WDSA affiliated Clubs, members of the Mitsubishi 4WD Club SA undertook a volunteer project to rehabilitate this section of the track.    In 1992 an agreement was reached between 4WDSA and the then Dept. of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) to accept “one way” travel (North – South) along a 27km section from the Scorpion Springs Track to the Centre Track, to better protect the sand dunes, track surface and vegetation.

    Thanks to the dedication of many 4WDSA affiliated clubs / members in supporting regular maintenance and restoration work since 1993 (including many of our own members) access to this iconic and historically important track remains (subject to required seasonal closures)
    . . . which with safe and responsible use of the track by All will hopefully remain the case.

  • Clean Up Australia Day

    Another area of support by Club members over a number of years with some significant “clean up” projects undertaken in various Conservation Parks predominately in the Murraylands area including :
    – Marne Valley
    – Swan Reach
    – Ridley
    – Cowan
    – Morgan

  • Wheel Cactus Eradication in the North Flinders district

    Some members of the Club have been involved in several such projects for a number of years in both National Parks and on private land . . . with their contribution (and that of other volunteer groups) recently recognised in the June 2013 edition of “Across The Outback” (the monthly publication of the SA Arid Lands Natural Resources Management Board)