President’s Report – October 2019

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I thank Steve Pearson (acting as the Club president) and the various volunteers attending Committee meetings during my 15,000km trip to Cairns and Darwin during the winter period.

I’m very pleased to welcome new members; Barbara with Paul Barbara (1001), Maria with Danny Fassina (1002), Ilene with John Theil (1003), Dianne with James Cox (1004), Graham Hill (1005) and Sue with Brett Newman (1006).

It is the intention of the Management Committee to increase the use of our Web site in the distribution of information to Club members.   We’ve recently added a Privacy Policy and Statement of Commitment to Child Safety which can be viewed from the Overview heading at our home page – thanks Mary.

A reminder to book into the Annual Mitsubishi 4WD Club Christmas Party to be held at the Mannum Riverside Caravan Park (Fri 6th and Sat 7th December 2019).    Read further  into Catchat for more details – thanks to Naomi and her team.

Our guest speaker for the Tuesday Sept 22nd Social meeting is Steve Johnson from VKS737 a voluntary organisation providing HF radio communications for ‘outback’ travellers who are in distress.

The Club is experiencing a rotation of volunteers from our various Committees and activities.
Many of these retiring members have served several years and a rest is well deserved.     We are looking for volunteers to:

  • Expand the team at the greeting desk – Social meetings – ‘Mitsi mates’ for visitors
  • Expand the social meeting cooking team
  • Assist Lance coordinate Long Trips meetings
  • Expand our team with IT skill sets to advise in the innovative use of our IT resources
  • Mechanical Interest Group coordinator

A lack of volunteers in ‘key’ areas may result in payment for services, which will impact our membership fees.

A reminder to address any membership issues directly with Fiona rather than hubby Michael, who’s already over committed.

Cheers, Des Leach

PS : Something isn’t really lost till the woman of the house can’t find it. (Wangi Falls Café at Litchfield National Park NT)