President’s Report – May 2018

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In a week or so, it’ll be Winter – our low early morning temperatures being a very good reminder.    This means that many members will soon be packing their shorts, T shirts and thongs and heading north.
We wish them all a safe and relaxing journey and look forward to stories about places many of us haven’t yet visited.

This leaves some gaps in our various Committees, if you are asked to ‘lend a hand’, please do your best to help.
I’m very pleased to welcome our new members Gabor Szekernyes 981, Neil Paley and Julie 982.   Please make them feel welcome as they try the different activities offered by the Club.

A significant amount of work is being undertaken to renew the Club’s website – special thanks to all involved in this process.

Our guest speakers for the Tuesday May 22nd Social meeting will be Annie and Ashlee from the historic, One and All sail training vessel.
Do you know someone who would enjoy travelling to Pt Lincoln or Kangaroo Island, ‘under sail’?   Perhaps a younger person would enjoy the challenge of Leadership training – could be very affordable if sponsored by Rotary.

Wondering about the future of the Pajero, you may enjoy this article.

How up to date are you when dealing with hazards and road rules – try this simulation.

Do you have an opinion or some ideas regarding the running of the Club – please pass them on to a Committee Member (yellow name badge). We’re particularly interested in feedback from newer members.
Des Leach
Ps. “Experience is a hard teacher because she gives the test first, the lesson afterwards.” -Vernon Sanders Law