President’s Report – May 2017

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In a week or so, it’ll be Winter – our low early morning temperatures being a very good reminder.

This means that many members will soon be packing their shorts, T shirts and thongs and heading north.   We wish them all a safe and relaxing journey and look forward to stories about places many of us haven’t yet visited.

This leaves some gaps in our various Committees, if you are asked to ‘lend a hand’, please do your best to help.

Our annual Polish Hill event was held over Easter and was very well attended with 24 vans over several days.   It’s great to have time to sit back drink some water (well it started as water plus some sugar, yeast and barley etc.) and have time to let topics of conversation flow.
Many thanks to Lance and Jill and their hard working band of helpers.

Congratulations to ‘Mitsi’ member, Derek Mikolaj recently appointed as the Training Officer for the Driver Training Unit within 4WDSA.   We look forward to hearing about future training strategies for those members who want more intensive instruction/assessment.

Our 23rd May Social meeting will have a guest speaker from the Environmental Health Team within Unley Council.   Angela Sorger will be sharing important information on the storage and transporting of food.   Whether our trips are over a weekend or several weeks in the remote outback – if we become ill the remainder of the trip is very difficult – there’s not always a convenient tree to duck behind.

SAPOL has recently issued some information on the use of Quad bikes – these seem to be overrepresented in accidents resulting in severe injury and death.

The gas stove at the Sporting Car Club is still unavailable due to extensive repairs/replacement.
In the meantime we’ll keep heating pies and pizza in the oven – there may even be some soup.

Des Leach

If you don’t read the newspaper you are uninformed, if you do read the newspaper you are misinformed- Mark Twain