President’s Report – May 2014

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Professor Fourbie and her able assistant, Walter, made a splendid job of conducting the Quiz Night at the April social meeting; enjoyed by about fifty members and visitors formed-up into five teams, the questions were generally so hard that no-one felt bad about not knowing the answers and those who did know were recognised as pretty cluey! The inclusion of a “laggers” mime or hang-man question at the end of each round gave the lower-scoring teams an excellent opportunity to catch-up so the final scores were very close. Thank you Liz (Social Coordinator) and Walter for all your hard work in preparing and running this event. Trip Organiser Lance has asked for a special plug in this report for the up-coming Polish Hill Weekend at the end of this month; as the numbers are unlimited this is a more-the merrier event that you can come along for a day visit, a day or two or the whole five days. This weekend will be an ideal time to socialise and to get to know your fellow club members. New or prospective members are particularly encouraged to take advantage of this very relaxed opportunity to meet members, check-out the 4x4s, the camping gear and to enjoy the fascinating Clare region. Easter and Anzac being on adjacent weekends and both within the School Holidays provided the ideal opportunity for many members to get away on a decent bush trip -please read Naomi’s excellent report on the very successful Broken Hill and Outback Adventure. ANZAC particularly prompts us to pause and remember those that served and so often were killed or maimed in wars but as we travel around our State and Country Sharon and I are often reminded of this supreme sacrifice by the war memorials in so many of the places we visit. Places like Farina (North East SA) and Wyandra (Central Qld) that have memorials built following the Great War and updated for World War II (others include the Boer War, Korea, Viet Nam and now probably Iraq and Afghanistan) that name a surprising number of locals who were recruited or volunteered from what must have been relatively small communities. And along-side far too many of the names are the crosses that identify those who perished, most overseas somewhere but some on home soil, never to return to their own homes and families.


Farina memorial cairn & honour boards (C Phillips©)

Memorial near Carnarvon Gorge (Qld) for 5 US and 14 Australian service men killed in a 1943 plane crash

Memorial near Carnarvon Gorge (Qld) for 5 US and 14
Australian service men killed in a 1943 plane crash

Wyandra monument & old pub

Wyandra monument & old pub

Lest we forget. Mark Club President


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