President’s Report – July 2018

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July  2018


Hi everyone, I hope you are keeping well whether in cold Adelaide or travelling north to escape the winter. Many of our members are travelling far and wide at this time of the year. Those I have heard from are safe and well, enjoying their trips.

Despite many absences, the committee managed to assemble a quorum and held our meeting at our new committee/long trips venue, the Royal Coach Hotel, 24 Dequetteville Terrace Kent Town. Thank you to those stand in committee members who gave up their time to allow us to hold our meeting. To those who plan to attend future long trips meeting, please remember the new venue.


This month’s social meeting 24th July is designated a Chatfest (No guest speaker)  Suggested talk topics – Do you have an item which is indispensable when travelling/camping?  –  please bring it along and tell us why?

Elsewhere in Catchat, you can read about Lance Boagey’s unfortunate experience with his 2 year old Toyo Open Country tyres fitted to his NW Pajero. Lance was lucky to find the failing tyres just prior to a long trip interstate trip. An interesting discussion transpired between Lance who has 45 years of 4wding experience, and the Toyo Tyres representative, who claimed that it was Lance’s choice of vehicles and tyre pressures when off road which contributed to the failure. Please have a read of Lance’s story. Given the wide variety of terrains we all travel on, and the various tyre pressures we use, it would be wise to read the Toyo reply, consider their tyre pressure recommendations and check the condition of your tyres, (inside side wall) particularly if you drive a Pajero with independent rear suspension and drop your tyre pressures regularly, regardless of tyre brand.


Finally, the club has recently made two purchases which will be made available for loan shortly. The first is a Reich Caravan and Vehicle scale, useful to check the weight of your vehicle or caravan. The second is a defibrillator, a must to pack on any club trip. We will arrange a demonstration of each at an upcoming social meeting, then allow members to borrow them. Keep a look out in a future magazine where we will publish the club property list and how you can request to borrow club equipment.


Ps. There’s a road from the eye to the heart that does not go through the intellect.


Steve Pearson – Acting President