President’s Report – July 2016

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This month we welcome new members Hugh and Meg French to the club.   Please make them feel welcome at upcoming club events.

Our July Social meeting speaker from Cartographics will be Alex 83571777, who will focus on Raster maps and digital mapping.

A reminder of the formal notice of a Special General Meeting (SGM) to be held as part of the Sept 27th Social meeting.   The ‘SGM’ agenda will include the 2017 budget approvals; changes to the Vice Presidents role in the Constitution and a vote for a Life Membership of the Club.
(This is in accordance with Section F(4)b of our the Club Constitution where a minimum of 21 days notice is to be provided to members.)

Also a  reminder to members to book into the Barossa Valley Tourist Park (Fri 25th to Sun 27th November 2016) for our 30th anniversary celebration.
NOTE : If you have contact with any past members please mention the event to them and that they are very welcome to join us !    For Full Details refer to notice in Cat Chat . . . OR contact the organising Sub Committee at  :

4WDSA has a number of channels for keeping members of affiliated clubs informed, but none of these are as direct as an email from them to you.   Please subscribe to receive regular and urgent news by email.   More details are on the following link:

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With Des currently soaking up the “warmth” of the Kimberleys . . . Steve Pearson and Alan Pettigrew assisting  . . .

Des Leach