President’s Report – July 2015

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Winter has certainly arrived, heralded with a 30 year record low temperature of 2.9 degrees in June and some very cool weather continuing into July. June also recorded the lowest total rainfall in more than 25 years in some metropolitan recording stations. By contrast northern regions of the state received local downpours forcing the closure of the dirt thoroughfares to the north, diverting travellers onto the bitumen.

Many of our members attempting to escape the local chill migrated to the northern states only to discover snow in southern Queensland – I hope they took their winter woollies!! Other intrepid souls ventured to the tropical weather and wonderful beaches in Bali to be confronted by the ash cloud from the Mount Raung Volcano. I look forward to reading some event filled tales in upcoming issues of Cat Chat.

Whilst we imagine those who escaped to warmer weather revelling in shorts and tank tops, those who have remained at home (fighting off the colds and flu) have been busy. One example is Tom Eltridge-Smith who via 4WDSA has written a proposal to the State Government seeking to increase maximum tyre diameters. Currently in South Australia, tyres must not be more than 15 mm greater than the largest tyre size listed on the tyre placard. Tom’s request is to change the limit from 15mm to 50mm, in line with legislation in some Eastern States. Vehicles with full chassis construction can only provide extra clearance to their ‘differentials etc.’ by using larger diameter wheels. Whilst early responses from the State Government have been encouraging, we wait for the final decision.

The REDARC Electronics June tour had 30 members in attendance. Upon arrival, static straps were attached to our shoes to ‘ground’ us to the floor to avoid any potential damage to electrical components (what about us?). We then entered the manufacturing area and mingled with staff and were mesmerised by the blur of robotic production equipment placing components on circuit boards. The tour was extremely informative and we discovered how an electronics manufacturing company in Adelaide is thriving despite international competition. The Tuesday 18th August 1930hrs REDARC tour still has vacancies – please contact Steve Pearson to book in.

Well that’s if from me for another month, keep warm and dry.

Des Leach

Ps. a pedestrian is someone who thought there were a couple of litres left in the tank.