President’s Report – April 2018

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The unseasonably long dry appears to have broken with rains upon us giving our gardens a decent drink and renewed life – I look forward to the vista of wild flowers covering the plains in Western Australia.

We welcome the elected Committee for 2017/18 – Simon Forrest, Steve Smith, Col Price, Naomi and Kevin Jolly, Fiona Davis, John O’Daly, Alain Lioret, Marc Nicolle and Steve Pearson.

I’m also very pleased to welcome our newest members:- Stephen Broker (978), Russell Fisher (979) and Peter McCarthy with Patricia (980).
Please make them feel welcome as they try the different activities offered by the Club.

Our guest speaker for the Tuesday April 24th Social meeting will be from Department of Planning, Transport & Infrastructure – David Gunner 83489623. Coordinator of Vehicle Standards . . . What are the issues we need to be aware of when modifying vehicles?

Due to winter trips, our various Committee’s ranks will be thinned – I encourage members to come forward and offer assistance during June, July and August.

We are also keen to hear from members who are willing to place their vehicle ‘on stage’ at social meetings.

Are you aware that entering an intersection after the signals turn yellow can be an offence?   Yellow light – this indicates that the lights are about to change to red.   You must not enter the intersection, unless you are so close to the stop line that you are unable to stop safely without entering the intersection or risking a rear-end crash with vehicles following you.   The penalty for breaking this rule is a $454 fine and $60 Victims of Crime levy and three demerit points. The penalties are the same for running a yellow light as they are for a red light.   Drivers who run a yellow light increase the risk of a collision at an intersection – particularly when opposing vehicles are turning right.

I compliment all involved in the organising of the trips and training as advertised in Catchat – I encourage members to support their efforts by attending these events.

Des Leach

Ps. “The traveller sees what he sees, the tourist sees what he has come to see.”
G.K. Chesterton 1874-1936