President’s Report – January 2018

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Welcome to the New Year and a ‘boot’ full of trips and activities for 2018.

I’ve just returned from our annual Victorian Alps trip and have had plenty of practice driving steep and broken tracks to vantage points with extraordinary views eg. the goat track to the Pinnacles and CFA tower then to the top of Mt Bulla (1805 metres) and 24 crossings of the Crooked river.
I thank all participants for their shared cooperation during the trip.   A highlight was the New Years eve dinner near Moscow Villa on the Bentley Plain, an extraordinary event feeding over twenty people with everything supplied from within the group.

Please welcome new members Philip Gibbs and Vicky – I trust you’ll enjoy your Xmas present, Philip.

We will conduct a Social meeting on the 23rd January 2018 with guest speaker Senior Constable Robert GRINTER (M 0413563667) from the South Australia Police Road Safety Centre. I’ve included Robert’s mobile number if you have any questions ‘on notice’.

A reminder regarding the AGM on the 27th March – with the assistance of many we will make light work of the tasks ahead in 2018.

Volunteers are required for the annual Caravan & Camping Show for half day shifts either AM or PM over the period Thurs 15th Feb to Sunday 18th Feb. Please email John O’Daly at to offer assistance.

Many of us routinely tow trailers and caravans – do you know the SAPOL requirements when towing?

What is the procedure to order a Tow truck if at an accident site ?

Ford Ranger/Mazda BT50 has a recall – as some may cause grass fires.

I’m looking forward to meeting as many members as is possible in an event filled 2018.
Des Leach

PS : It takes 8,460 bolts to assemble an automobile, and one nut to scatter it all over the road.










President’s Report – December 2017

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This is the final Catchat for 2017 and on behalf of the Committee I wish all Members a Safe and Happy Xmas and New Year.

Our next Social meeting will be on the 23rd January 2018 with guest speaker Senior Constable Robert GRINTER (M 0413563667) from the South Australia Police Road Safety Centre. I’ve included Robert’s mobile number if you have any questions ‘on notice’.

We’ve had a great year for both short and long trips. Short trips have included destinations such as the Murray Mouth, Deep Creek, Ngarkat, Peake, Chowilla, Mystery drives, Angorichina Station. Polish Hill, Narcunda South. Copper Coast, Willunga, Mannum and Yankalilla. Long Trips have included the Victorian High Country, Limestone Coast, Buckleboo/Googs track, Simpson Desert and Cape York. The Training team have held successful events in the Peake Sand Dunes and the Morgan Quarry. These trips have enabled members to strengthen their 4wd skills whilst visiting some exotic locations in a spirit of friendship and camaraderie.

Planning for 2018 is well underway and whilst the AGM in March 2018 may seem quite distant, important decisions are already being made. Our Secretary Lee Nicolle and Treasurer Brian Cosh are stepping down and replacements are required.

For the health of the Club it’s very important that we have members who are ready to take their turn and volunteer some time for the benefit of all and to enable ongoing succession planning. We still have a vacancy in the ‘Environment’ role.

In recent years the Committee has improved/expanded the activities offered eg. Mechanical Interest Group, Vehicle Familiarisation training and more ‘day’ trips for those members unable to attend trips with overnight stays. We need additional‘behind the scenes’ support for these important events within the Club.

Winter has seen many Committee members head off (making hay whilst the sun shines), placing undue strain on the remaining Committee. We are interested in talking to members who usually stay at home during this period – can you provide some short term assistance? The final option would be to close down many of our activities over winter – however this would cause significant and ongoing problems.

This is the time to step forward and offer whatever assistance you can to enable a smooth transition into another activity packed year.

I thank all Committee members (particularly Lee and Brian) for their contributions and look forward to many trips and adventures in 2018.

Des Leach










President’s Report – November 2017

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Unfortunately Des had to rush off interstate for a personal matter, and is not able to lodge a report this month . . .

On his behalf we welcome New Members Gordon and Leanne Burns (#967).

This Month’s Social Meeting Guest Speaker is Jason Hoskings – Technical Sales Minelab Electronics.    Jason will provide an overview of the types of Detector, Costs and how they work followed by a demonstration. This presentation was originally scheduled for the July Social Meeting, but had to be deferred due to Jason’s work commitments.

A last minute reminder that the Club’s Christmas Function will be held at the Willunga Caravan Park on the weekend of the 24th to 26th of November.   See Catchat for details.

As we approach the Festive Season, we are all going to be very busy with various social & family commitments.   Club meetings will taper off during December & January.
This November social Meeting is the last for 2017 – no meeting in December and the first meeting for 2018 will on January 23rd.

Please see Catchat or the Club Calendar for the timing of other meetings – Long Trips Meeting and Mech. Interest Group.

Still, a number of Club Trips trips are still scheduled during that time. These trips are listed in the Trip Calendar or in the Trip notices within this issue of Catchat.

A number of new trips for 2018 have been approved and added to the Trip Calendar this month, but as always we would welcome your input if you have an idea for a new trip, or would like to lead a trip to a particular destination.

Alain Lioret on behalf of Des Leach.








President’s Report – October 2017

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It’s great to be back after 13 weeks away journeying up and back from Cape York – many thanks to the trip participants for helping us have a wonderful time.

Whilst we’ve been away the Committee has been busy and I thank Steve Pearson and all permanent and temporary Committee members for their efforts.     We welcome new members Bill Gommers (965) and Arif Wirawan (966) and look forward to their participation in Club events.

A reminder to book into the Willunga Caravan park 24- 26 November for our annual Xmas event.

SAPOL – Police have commenced an education program for drivers updating their knowledge when merging into traffic.

THE FUTURE OF FOSSIL FUELLED VEHICLES  : During a recent 972 AM radio program sourced from the BBC it was claimed that up to 50,000 premature deaths in Great Britain annually can be linked to air pollution largely generated from fossil fuel powered vehicles (with diesel vehicles being the highest polluters).
If this is correct I wonder about the negative health effects from the over 1 billion fossil fuelled vehicles worldwide.    China has significant issues with air pollution and is planning to heavily curtail the production of fossil fuelled vehicles.    “Ford will market its first hybrid vehicle early next year and envisions 70% of all its cars available in China will have electric options by 2025”.

70% of World energy is fossil based and we apparently have about 10yrs to avoid another 1 degree in Global Warming where very significant negative effects on World food production will occur.
The radio program used this as an introduction to the necessity for Electric Vehicles ‘EV’s’.   It claimed Norway is leading the way by not charging VAT (GST) on EV’s.    In addition, EV’s also qualified for free city parking and free access to Toll roads and can legally use bus lanes.    Additional taxes are charged on new fossil fuelled vehicles in proportion to their level of emissions.

The average fossil fuel vehicle has a life of 15 years and with EV batteries only lasting 5 to 10 years there is a shortfall with the new technology.    The travel range of EV’s of between 200 to 300 km is also a major issue.   Perhaps the ‘sleeper’ in all of this is where the extra electrical power used by EV’s is sourced from.    When we would look to the ‘base load’ of our electricity system we find coal and gas at its source – with strong political pressure currently being applied to various Australian states to open up new Coal Seam Gas supplies.
In summary, challenges still lie in the need for further technological advances in battery design and the provision of base load electricity supplies, however in the meantime the human toll resulting from toxic air continues to climb.    The ‘light at the end of the tunnel’ may well be very close to home.    The world’s largest Lithium Ion battery system output of 100 MegaWatts is being built 200kms north of Adelaide at Jamestown.    This will enable our locally produced wind power (Hornsdale wind farm) to be stored and will also help avoid power outages due to ‘load shedding’, particularly over summer.    As I understand it, the new Battery will also provide ‘frequency stability’ to the Hornsdale wind farm and together they can stabilize other wind farms and keep them online when ‘base load’ supplies from interstate interconnectors are cut.

Des Leach
Ps. It’s the second mouse that gets the Cheese.










Acting President’s Report – September 2017

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Welcome to our new members for the month. 962 Iain and Juliette Campbell, 963 Gordon and Susan Frith and 964 Russell Morton.   Welcome to the Mitsubishi Club.   We hope you enjoy your time with us.

Our 26th September Social meeting will have guest speaker Adam from Halls Canvas goods who will provide an overview of the products available with some available for purchase on the night.   Then some discussion on the differences between canvas and the vinyl alternatives that are currently appearing as caravan annexes etc.    Should be an interesting talk.

The Mechanical Interest Group is back in action for the next few months with topics including Tyres, Oils and Electrical.   See details elsewhere in the magazine.

By the time you read this, the club will be back in the capable hands of Des with him and many members of the club returning from their Winter Trips.   We should have a good turnout at the September meeting.   Hope to see you there.

Steve Pearson – Acting President . . . during the winter.






Acting President’s Report – August 2017

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Our 22nd August Social meeting will have a guest speaker from the Royal Flying Doctor Service, Ross Curtis.    Ross will provide an overview of the services offered by RFDS followed by some specific advice for members travelling in remote areas.    What equipment should we be carrying e.g. Satellite Phones, HF radio, 1st aid kits (essential components) maybe even Defibrulation units?

Do you have skills or an interest in long distance communications particularly Satellite Phones?
It’s been a number of years since we purchased a pair of Sat. Phones and the world of technology has moved on.   We wish to form a small sub-committee to research and report on the best options for the Club in the future.   Please have a chat to a Committee member ‘yellow member badges’ or send an email to my address.

The Management Committee was recently approached by a club member to promote their business in Catchat.   The committee agreed that it was not in favour of filling Catchat with commercial advertising, however it is willing to consider club member requests to promote their products or services in the ‘Discounts’ section of Cat Chat in return for some benefit to club members by way of a discount or special entitlement to fellow club members.   If you have a product or service you feel meets this criteria please discuss with one of the committee members.

Steve Pearson – Acting President . . . during the winter.






Acting President’s Report – July 2017

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Many club members are currently away, travelling to warmer destinations while those of us remaining in Adelaide are finally getting a taste of winter.     Despite this, there is still plenty going on in the club.

Don’t forget the Breakfast Drive on Sunday 30th July, a great opportunity to get out for a drive in the morning, enjoy a cooked breakfast and a chat with fellow members, then perhaps plan your own day up in the hills.    Registrations of interest are a little slow at the time of writing, so plenty of space for those thinking about coming along.    See the flyer in the Trips pages this issue.

Peake is also coming up in September, with just 1 member nominated so far, it is time to think about getting out into the sand dunes for training or social driving. See the flyer elsewhere in the magazine.

Congratulations to David Snook – Member 922 who was awarded an OAM on the Queen’s Birthday for his services with the CFS and Lions.    A great achievement, well done David.

In the last issue of Catchat, we raised the ongoing cost of printing and distributing ‘hardcopy’ versions of our Cat Chat newsletter.    Did you know that each printed copy of Catchat costs the club about $2.00? And postage for a printed Catchat is a further $2.00?    While a large majority of club members are receiving full colour email copies of Catchat, we are currently printing around 20 copies per month, 3 of which are posted to club members, while the balance tend to be picked up at social meetings.    The committee has identified significant cost savings for the club if we can reduce our printing and postage costs.    If you are currently picking up a hardcopy Catchat at the social meeting, please consider if just the emailed copy is sufficient, thereby saving the club $2.00 per copy.    If you receive a posted copy of Catchat, would an electronic copy suffice?    We hope to receive feedback from club members, and will monitor if there is any reduction in reliance on the hardcopy Catchat in the future.

Do you have skills or an interest in long distance communications particularly Satellite Phones?
It’s been a number of years since we purchased a pair of IsatPhone Pro units and the world of technology has moved on.    We wish to form a small sub-committee to research and report on the best options for the Club in the future.    Please have a chat to a Committee member ‘yellow member badges’ or send an email to my address.

Have you been left frustrated observing the poor/dangerous behaviour of other motorists, here’s some advice from SAPOL :-

Steve Pearson – Acting President . . . during the winter.

“Never argue with an idiot. They will only bring you down to their level and beat you with experience.” George Carlin





President’s Report – June 2017

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Our 27th June Social meeting will have a guest speaker from St John Ambulance to discuss and demonstrate the use of a Defibrillator.    Henry Cowell will provide a demonstration of a defibrillator unit on a mannequin, followed by a question and answer session.

The Management Committee would like some feedback from members on a couple of items.

Firstly, some members are keen to receive a ‘hardcopy’ of our Cat Chat newsletter whilst most are happy with the electronic version.     When we researched other Mitsubishi clubs we discovered that Queensland charge an additional $50 per year for a hard copy of their magazine ‘Diamond Torque’. Should hardcopies be charged for separately or should the costs be absorbed into the overall renewal fees?

The second item relates to advertising in Cat Chat.
No Commercial advertising appears in Cat Chat, however the committee has been approached to see if members could advertise some of their services outside of 4WD activities.     Perhaps members could advertise in the ‘Discounts’ section of Cat Chat – what are your thoughts?     Please pass on your ideas to a Committee member ‘yellow member badges’ or send an email to my address.

Have you ever thought of advising that you want to be an organ donor via your driver’s license –

Reminder- Pedders at Keswick ph 82979022 are offering a free suspension/brake checks for Club members, normally $28.

Des Leach







President’s Report – May 2017

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In a week or so, it’ll be Winter – our low early morning temperatures being a very good reminder.

This means that many members will soon be packing their shorts, T shirts and thongs and heading north.   We wish them all a safe and relaxing journey and look forward to stories about places many of us haven’t yet visited.

This leaves some gaps in our various Committees, if you are asked to ‘lend a hand’, please do your best to help.

Our annual Polish Hill event was held over Easter and was very well attended with 24 vans over several days.   It’s great to have time to sit back drink some water (well it started as water plus some sugar, yeast and barley etc.) and have time to let topics of conversation flow.
Many thanks to Lance and Jill and their hard working band of helpers.

Congratulations to ‘Mitsi’ member, Derek Mikolaj recently appointed as the Training Officer for the Driver Training Unit within 4WDSA.   We look forward to hearing about future training strategies for those members who want more intensive instruction/assessment.

Our 23rd May Social meeting will have a guest speaker from the Environmental Health Team within Unley Council.   Angela Sorger will be sharing important information on the storage and transporting of food.   Whether our trips are over a weekend or several weeks in the remote outback – if we become ill the remainder of the trip is very difficult – there’s not always a convenient tree to duck behind.

SAPOL has recently issued some information on the use of Quad bikes – these seem to be overrepresented in accidents resulting in severe injury and death.

The gas stove at the Sporting Car Club is still unavailable due to extensive repairs/replacement.
In the meantime we’ll keep heating pies and pizza in the oven – there may even be some soup.

Des Leach

If you don’t read the newspaper you are uninformed, if you do read the newspaper you are misinformed- Mark Twain






President’s Report – April 2017

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April 2017

I welcome the elected Committee for 2017/18 – Lee Nicolle, Brian Cosh, Col Price, Naomi and Kevin Jolly, Fiona Davis, John O’Daly, Alain Lioret and Steve Pearson.

Congratulations to Bob Bolto (and Heather) for becoming the 4th Life Member of our Club at our recent AGM.

I look forward to chatting to those in appointed roles – we thank them all for volunteering their time.

Due to winter trips our various Committee’s ranks will be thinned – I encourage members to come forward and offer assistance.

I’m very pleased to welcome our newest members:- Darren Zanker (960) with Liana and Robert Parvin with Monica (961).  Please make them feel welcome as they try the different activities offered by the Club.

Many thanks to John O’Daly for his series of videos presented at our recent Long Trips meetings. Please contact Peter Sandercock ( if you have some photos or video from a trip – 4wd or otherwise.


A number of members have been awaiting the release of the Pajero Polymer ARB Frontier Diesel Fuel Tanks. They are now available and replace the original fuel tank with an extra 60 litres for older and 40 litres for newer models.

Long Range Tanks


The latest from the Dept of Planning Transport and Infrastructure:-


Are you confident you know the Road Rules, here’s a quick quiz:-


At the time of reading this, we will have gathered have some stories of fun and camaraderie from the Polish Hill event – watch this space.


Des Leach


  1. It’s now been proven that a stone in a hiking boot migrates to the point of maximum pressure