President’s Report – March 2019

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We welcome new members, Pete Gillman with Pauline (994) and David Hole with Margaret (995). Our 1000th member (unknown at this time) can expect to receive some special rewards currently being organised by the Committee.

The next Social meeting 26th March ’19 will include the Club AGM.    The current Management Committee have included a vote seeking changes to the Club constitution to enable greater flexibility for members to join the new Committee.

The nature of volunteering is such that the pressures of work and life throw up challenges which constantly use our valuable time.    Long time commitments on Committees are a ‘big ask’ and the proposed Constitutional changes will provide the flexibility to have a rotation of members helping to run the Club.    Not all Committee positions have nominations (Social Coordinator, Catchat editor and positions with no allocated duties).    If you can spare some time, your assistance would be appreciated.

The Committee is currently reorganising our IT services and is keen to receive suggestions from members regarding the information and content they want from these services.    Please send any suggestions to my email address (see below).

Many members (including some from the various Committees) are currently planning their escape away from the Winter cold into the warmth of northern Australia.   We wish them all a safe and enjoyable journey.    In the mean-time if you can assist with running the club in their absence, please contact a Committee member.

Here is a site to check Emergency road closures via SAPOL

A reminder of the upcoming Polish Hill event Wednesday 17th to Monday 29th April 2019 (Easter & Anzac Day Included).    There’s plenty of scope, so stay for the whole period or just a couple of days. This event focuses on meeting members, socialising and maybe some 4wd activity for those (like me) who can’t help themselves.

Des Leach

p.s. “There are two ways to get enough.    One is to continue to accumulate more and more.    The other is to desire less.”    GK Chesterton














President’s Report – February 2019

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We welcome new members (984) Alex Hobin , (985) David Hyams with Amanda, (986) Gordon Young with Susan, (987) Vira Chawtur with Val, (988) Chrissie Stephens, (989) Chris Cornish with Jan, (990) Gordon Kuckhahn with Judy, (991) Alan Roberts, (992) John Elliott with Svetlana and (993) Jacob Simons.     Please make them welcome as they attend Club events.

Our 1000th member isn’t far away – I wonder who it will be?

Our February 26th guest speaker from SAPOL (eCrime) is unavailable.     We’ll organise a series of smaller presentations from members (any volunteers) and a Chatfest (talk amongst ourselves).

March 26th is the AGM and two positions (no allocated duties) remain vacant on the Management Committee.   These positions are very flexible and are designed for members who would prefer to undertake smaller projects and attend a limited number of meetings.

John O’Daly is taking some time away – any volunteers to assist with the Trips position?

A reminder that 2019 Club fees are due by the end of February.

Extensive work is ongoing behind the scenes to upgrade our Website and email systems . . . more details shortly.

Thinking of a winter trip through flooded Queensland ? – Here is a useful site detailing road closures :

I need to organise a schedule of Social meeting speakers for 2019 – if you have ideas please contact me.

The Mechanical Interest Group is also seeking suggestions for likely sites to visit.

Finally, special thanks to those members attending the Club booth at the Caravan and Camping show.     This is a great opportunity to stimulate interest in 4wding and to boost our membership.

Des Leach


















UPDATE : COME AND SAY “G’DAY” to us at the 2019 Caravan & Camping Show : Feb 13th to 17th !

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Our Club will have a booth in the Stirling Angas Pavillion, come say G’day, we can answer all your questions about joining a club, the benefits of being a club member and will have a special surprise for one lucky member that joins our club early in 2019.



Celebration of 4 Wheel Driving -19th May 2019 at Birdwood

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Over 100 used and bruised 4×4 on display.  Special guests, including Roothy and the legendary Milo. Over $8000 in raffles and prizes.
When: 19 May 2019 from 10 am to 5 pm
WHERE: National Motor Museum, Shannon Street, Birdwood SA,mitsubishi-4wd-club-sa-Approved-poster-CO4WD-281118.png-209x300.png


COME AND SAY “G’DAY” to us in the Stirling Angas Pavillion at the 2019 Caravan & Camping Show : Feb 13th to 17th !

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Come and see what our Club has to offer . . . 
NOTE : There is a “SPECIAL” promotion up for grabs for a lucky new member !!  

President’s Report – January 2019

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Welcome to the New Year and a multitude of trips and activities for 2019.

It’s great to be back following my procedure last October.   For six months (counting the Club trip to the Pilbara – Kimberley and Darwin),  Steve Pearson (Vice President) has been acting as President – many thanks to Steve and the Management committee generally.

We will conduct a Social meeting on the 22nd January 2019 with guest speaker Tim Bowen from Implox.     Tim will be discussing and demonstrating our newly purchased defibrillator.

A reminder regarding the AGM on the 26th March – with the assistance of many we will make light work of the tasks ahead in 2019.

After many years as Social Coordinator, Naomi Jolly is having a rest.    Please contact a member of the Committee if you can assist with this role.

Volunteers are required for the annual Caravan & Camping Show for half day shifts either AM or PM over the period Wed 13th Feb to Sunday 17th Feb.    Please email John O’Daly at to offer assistance.

In the ever-changing world of communications, a development in 2018 will be of interest.    Telstra once had the reputation for best coverage for mobile phones in remote areas  – Optus is now challenging this with its Satellite Small Cell coverage strategy.   Optus is now offering mobile services in previously unserviced areas especially National Parks in northern Australia.

I’m looking forward to meeting as many members as is possible in an event-filled 2019.

Des Leach


















Vice President’s Report – December 2018

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The Club has had a very successful year.    All of the sub committees and special interest groups have been very active and busy providing members with many benefits throughout the year.

We continue to attract new members on a regular basis, and have been very active running day, short and long trips to various locations right through the year.    We have recently run our annual Christmas weekend, this year at the beautiful Mannum Caravan park.    If you have never attended a Christmas show, you might not be aware that this is an event for all ages.    Santa always takes the time to visit and provide a present to the children or grandchildren of members and those too old for a present still have the opportunity to catch up with friends over a bbq lunch and a few drinks over a relaxing weekend.    Consider coming along next year regardless of age.    We must thank our Social Coordinator Naomi Jolly and her hard working team of volunteers for putting on such a successful weekend.

Speaking of Naomi, she has advised the committee that she intends to stand down as Social Coordinator after quite a few years in this position so we will be looking to fill this rewarding role at our AGM in March 2019.    Thanks Naomi for all your hard work and many enjoyable events. Likewise, Barbara Snowball has indicated that she will not continue as the Club Librarian, therefore we will also seek to fill this position next year.    Thanks Barbara for your many years in this role.
If any member has an interest in taking on either of these positions, please express your interest to the incumbent member or any of the committee.    We welcome your interest.

In February, the Club will man a stand at the Caravan Show at Wayville Show Grounds.    We have done very well recruiting new members at this event in the past and expect to do the same again next year, perhaps signing up our 1000th member.    We wish to modernise our Club Stand this year by way of refreshing the display photos.    If you have taken any photos on club trips you think would be suitable for promoting our Club at the show, please email a high resolution photo to the website sub committee (do not resize your photo) so we can print a large A3 size photo for display.    Alternatively, bring your SD Card to a Club Meeting and we can copy your file onto the Club’s Laptop.    Photos of vehicles or club members in interesting, scenic locations are what we seek.

While on the subject of the club website, the website sub committee continue to work on the new and improved website which we expect to go live early in 2019.   We welcome additional members Meg and John to the sub committee as the push to launch this valuable recruiting tool and members resource draws near.    If any club member has access to Adobe Acrobat Writer and is willing to assist the sub committee to create some editable membership forms the sub committee would appreciate your help.    Please contact the WSC.

On behalf of all the committee, have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Steve Pearson – Vice President













Vice President’s Report – November 2018

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All of a sudden, the cold weather has cleared and we are experiencing some warm days and evenings.

Many of those that took long trips away during winter have returned and right now the club is very active.   The Long Trips Meeting group are back holding well attended meetings and the Mechanical Interest Group have regrouped to visit some interesting workshops and learn some technical information.   All members are invited to participate in these popular meeting, just let the organisers know you are planning to attend so that arrangements can be made for appropriate numbers.

The Promotions Committee have also regrouped after winter, holding our first New Members Meeting where we welcomed 5 new members/families.   Pleasingly, we have a good spread of age groups joining our club, some with young children providing opportunity to raise future four wheel drivers.

The Website Committee are about to fire up again to continue their good work updating the Club Website which continues to be one of our biggest recruiting tools.

Finally, we have held quite a few recent short trips as the weather improves, with successful trips to Bendelby Ranges, Peake and Argadells, each providing the opportunity to do some challenging 4WDing and some socialising around the camp fire.    All were very well attended, and new members have taken advantage to participate in these popular trips.
It is a great time to get involved in the various trips and activities that are on offer.   Check out what is on offer in the trips and events pages in the magazine.

Don’t forget the upcoming Christmas Party, an event for all ages with young members able to meet Father Christmas and older members having plenty of time to chat, relax and enjoy the weekend away.

Steve Pearson – Vice President













President’s Report – October 2018

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We are experiencing an unusually dry start to summer highlighting the need to be constantly vigilant for Bushfires during our Summer trips.     For strategies and sources of information refer to the materials distributed by Penny Kazla from the CFS during her recent Social meeting presentation.

Special thanks for the support of the Committee and particularly acting President Steve Pearson during our Club winter trip and Secretary Simon Forrest as I attended my Dad as he recovered from surgery.

23rd Oct Social meeting
The presentation by SAPOL on electronic fraud has been postponed until early 2019.

A reminder of our Special General Meeting  –  details will be found as you read further.

For those wanting to replenish their wine stores, a tasting and order session will be conducted with wines available at the November Social meeting.

A reminder to book in to the upcoming Annual Mitsubishi 4WD Club of SA Christmas Party to be held at the Mannum Caravan Park, Friday November 30th to Saturday 1st December 2018.

The Management Committee is interested in members with a 1st Aid qualification.   Please send an email to our Secretary, Simon Forrest.

Possible new off-road hybrid vehicle to be built in Australia.
“Key specifications Red (Automotive Technologies) has targeted include a 200km-plus electric-only range, a 1200km-plus range with a range extender petrol or diesel engine, 0-100km/h acceleration in less than four seconds, a top speed of 250km/h, ride height adjustable suspension with 375mm of ground clearance and 450mm of wheel travel, and a 3500kg braked towing capacity. The company claims it can deliver off-road performance that can leave “the gnarliest Jeep or LandCruiser way behind.”


Des Leach

Ps.  The way to Love anything is to realize that it might be lost. – G.K Chesterton

















President’s Report – September 2018

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Lyn and I are happy to return to our usual routines having completed the Club Karijini – Millstream Chichester – Litchfield and Darwin trip totalling 13,000kms over 10 weeks.


We are privileged to be able to experience these journeys, which many can only dream of.



Trip participants :
Gillian and John Schache, Jo and Greg Lamey (visitors) and Murray Dent.

Our September Social meeting will be addressed by Damian Bishop, who will discuss Cave Diving.   This activity requires meticulous planning and adherence to safety protocols.

Notice is hereby provided for a Special General Meeting in our October Social meeting – details will be found as you read further.

The Management Committee is interested in members with a 1st Aid qualification. Please send an email to our Secretary, Simon Forrest.

Des Leach

Ps. Personality opens doors – character keeps them open.