Vice President’s Report – November 2018

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All of a sudden, the cold weather has cleared and we are experiencing some warm days and evenings.

Many of those that took long trips away during winter have returned and right now the club is very active.   The Long Trips Meeting group are back holding well attended meetings and the Mechanical Interest Group have regrouped to visit some interesting workshops and learn some technical information.   All members are invited to participate in these popular meeting, just let the organisers know you are planning to attend so that arrangements can be made for appropriate numbers.

The Promotions Committee have also regrouped after winter, holding our first New Members Meeting where we welcomed 5 new members/families.   Pleasingly, we have a good spread of age groups joining our club, some with young children providing opportunity to raise future four wheel drivers.

The Website Committee are about to fire up again to continue their good work updating the Club Website which continues to be one of our biggest recruiting tools.

Finally, we have held quite a few recent short trips as the weather improves, with successful trips to Bendelby Ranges, Peake and Argadells, each providing the opportunity to do some challenging 4WDing and some socialising around the camp fire.    All were very well attended, and new members have taken advantage to participate in these popular trips.
It is a great time to get involved in the various trips and activities that are on offer.   Check out what is on offer in the trips and events pages in the magazine.

Don’t forget the upcoming Christmas Party, an event for all ages with young members able to meet Father Christmas and older members having plenty of time to chat, relax and enjoy the weekend away.

Steve Pearson – Vice President













President’s Report – October 2018

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We are experiencing an unusually dry start to summer highlighting the need to be constantly vigilant for Bushfires during our Summer trips.     For strategies and sources of information refer to the materials distributed by Penny Kazla from the CFS during her recent Social meeting presentation.

Special thanks for the support of the Committee and particularly acting President Steve Pearson during our Club winter trip and Secretary Simon Forrest as I attended my Dad as he recovered from surgery.

23rd Oct Social meeting
The presentation by SAPOL on electronic fraud has been postponed until early 2019.

A reminder of our Special General Meeting  –  details will be found as you read further.

For those wanting to replenish their wine stores, a tasting and order session will be conducted with wines available at the November Social meeting.

A reminder to book in to the upcoming Annual Mitsubishi 4WD Club of SA Christmas Party to be held at the Mannum Caravan Park, Friday November 30th to Saturday 1st December 2018.

The Management Committee is interested in members with a 1st Aid qualification.   Please send an email to our Secretary, Simon Forrest.

Possible new off-road hybrid vehicle to be built in Australia.
“Key specifications Red (Automotive Technologies) has targeted include a 200km-plus electric-only range, a 1200km-plus range with a range extender petrol or diesel engine, 0-100km/h acceleration in less than four seconds, a top speed of 250km/h, ride height adjustable suspension with 375mm of ground clearance and 450mm of wheel travel, and a 3500kg braked towing capacity. The company claims it can deliver off-road performance that can leave “the gnarliest Jeep or LandCruiser way behind.”


Des Leach

Ps.  The way to Love anything is to realize that it might be lost. – G.K Chesterton

















President’s Report – September 2018

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Lyn and I are happy to return to our usual routines having completed the Club Karijini – Millstream Chichester – Litchfield and Darwin trip totalling 13,000kms over 10 weeks.


We are privileged to be able to experience these journeys, which many can only dream of.



Trip participants :
Gillian and John Schache, Jo and Greg Lamey (visitors) and Murray Dent.

Our September Social meeting will be addressed by Damian Bishop, who will discuss Cave Diving.   This activity requires meticulous planning and adherence to safety protocols.

Notice is hereby provided for a Special General Meeting in our October Social meeting – details will be found as you read further.

The Management Committee is interested in members with a 1st Aid qualification. Please send an email to our Secretary, Simon Forrest.

Des Leach

Ps. Personality opens doors – character keeps them open.

















President’s Report – August 2018

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I write this report as Adelaide shivers through one of the coldest weekends for a long while, with heavy rain and hail falling today.   I can’t help but be a bit jealous of those who are still up in the warm climate of the north enjoying their long trips.

I was lucky enough to get away for a few days just recently to do the Border Track between Pinnaroo and Bordertown.    It has been around 20 years since I last did the track, and really enjoyed travelling along the sandy tracks and dragging the swag out each night.    It was also the first trip in my new Pajero Sport which did a great job.     I can’t wait to get it down to the sand dunes at Peake next month.
By the way, there is still plenty of room for camping and driving, so if you would like to come down, please see the flyer elsewhere in the magazine.

For those of you coming along to the social meeting – 28th August, the guest speaker is CFS Community Engagement Officer – Penny Kazla Mob.  0457 101 696.     Penny returns to discuss the upcoming change of season and the challenge the warmer weather brings along with the CFS Apps. and bushfire strategies should we be confronted by one.

I must submit my apologies for the August social meeting.    I find myself missing the second of the three social meetings I was supposed to chair while Des is away due to overseas travel.

The one good thing about this is that it will be summer in Japan, with temperatures in the mid 30’s, so, although I missed getting up to northern Australia this year, I have got up ‘north’ a couple of times to thaw out.

Ps. A good novel tells us the truth about its hero; but a bad novel tells us the truth about its author.

Steve Pearson – Acting President














President’s Report – June 2018

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I thank Steve Pearson who will acting as the Club president and also the various volunteers attending Committee meetings over the winter period.

I’m also very pleased to welcome our new members, Helen and Andy Read (983).

The guest speaker for the Tuesday June 26th Social meeting will be Timothy Quinn Mob 0466 425 613, Border Watch Coordinator (SA) | Border Watch Engagement.   Border Watch is our single collection point for community and industry information about suspicious or illegal immigration, customs or border-related activities.

The Management committee has recently voted to allow all members to choose a CB radio call sign including the word ‘cat’.    Previously this was limited to Pajero owners.

The Club will be purchasing a Defibrillator for use on trips – more on this and the associated training, shortly.

Mitsi member, Derek Mikolaj has recently been voted into the position of President of 4WDSA – congratulations Derek.

Have you ever wondered about the specific restrictions on what you can carry when

travelling over state borders – this publication will answer your questions :

Australian Quarantine booklet for interstate travellers.

An interesting article on the potential future of Diesel vehicles in the UK.

See you soon,
Des Leach

Ps. An inconvenience is an adventure wrongly considered.

















President’s Report – May 2018

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In a week or so, it’ll be Winter – our low early morning temperatures being a very good reminder.    This means that many members will soon be packing their shorts, T shirts and thongs and heading north.
We wish them all a safe and relaxing journey and look forward to stories about places many of us haven’t yet visited.

This leaves some gaps in our various Committees, if you are asked to ‘lend a hand’, please do your best to help.
I’m very pleased to welcome our new members Gabor Szekernyes 981, Neil Paley and Julie 982.   Please make them feel welcome as they try the different activities offered by the Club.

A significant amount of work is being undertaken to renew the Club’s website – special thanks to all involved in this process.

Our guest speakers for the Tuesday May 22nd Social meeting will be Annie and Ashlee from the historic, One and All sail training vessel.
Do you know someone who would enjoy travelling to Pt Lincoln or Kangaroo Island, ‘under sail’?   Perhaps a younger person would enjoy the challenge of Leadership training – could be very affordable if sponsored by Rotary.

Wondering about the future of the Pajero, you may enjoy this article.

How up to date are you when dealing with hazards and road rules – try this simulation.

Do you have an opinion or some ideas regarding the running of the Club – please pass them on to a Committee Member (yellow name badge). We’re particularly interested in feedback from newer members.
Des Leach
Ps. “Experience is a hard teacher because she gives the test first, the lesson afterwards.” -Vernon Sanders Law


















President’s Report – April 2018

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The unseasonably long dry appears to have broken with rains upon us giving our gardens a decent drink and renewed life – I look forward to the vista of wild flowers covering the plains in Western Australia.

We welcome the elected Committee for 2017/18 – Simon Forrest, Steve Smith, Col Price, Naomi and Kevin Jolly, Fiona Davis, John O’Daly, Alain Lioret, Marc Nicolle and Steve Pearson.

I’m also very pleased to welcome our newest members:- Stephen Broker (978), Russell Fisher (979) and Peter McCarthy with Patricia (980).
Please make them feel welcome as they try the different activities offered by the Club.

Our guest speaker for the Tuesday April 24th Social meeting will be from Department of Planning, Transport & Infrastructure – David Gunner 83489623. Coordinator of Vehicle Standards . . . What are the issues we need to be aware of when modifying vehicles?

Due to winter trips, our various Committee’s ranks will be thinned – I encourage members to come forward and offer assistance during June, July and August.

We are also keen to hear from members who are willing to place their vehicle ‘on stage’ at social meetings.

Are you aware that entering an intersection after the signals turn yellow can be an offence?   Yellow light – this indicates that the lights are about to change to red.   You must not enter the intersection, unless you are so close to the stop line that you are unable to stop safely without entering the intersection or risking a rear-end crash with vehicles following you.   The penalty for breaking this rule is a $454 fine and $60 Victims of Crime levy and three demerit points. The penalties are the same for running a yellow light as they are for a red light.   Drivers who run a yellow light increase the risk of a collision at an intersection – particularly when opposing vehicles are turning right.

I compliment all involved in the organising of the trips and training as advertised in Catchat – I encourage members to support their efforts by attending these events.

Des Leach

Ps. “The traveller sees what he sees, the tourist sees what he has come to see.”
G.K. Chesterton 1874-1936














President’s Report – March 2018

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The Club AGM will be conducted at the March 27th Social meeting, followed by a ‘Chat fest’- I’m very pleased that we have nominations for all elected positions.   I thank all those working for the Club during the year- Elected, Appointed and general helpers- your efforts are invaluable when creating the opportunities for all members to share in great camaraderie and fun.

Special thanks to Committee retirees – Lee Nicolle (Secretary 2yrs) and Brian Cosh (Treasurer 7 yrs) and also Kingsley Neumann (appointed – Audio Visual 10 years), I’ll have great pleasure in providing more detail on these volunteers at the AGM.

Editor Alain Lioret, is looking for volunteer(s) to learn how to prepare and publish our newsletter ‘Catchat’ – if you have or want to learn skills in Word and Publisher please contact Alain – Mob. 0429 357 470

Please welcome new members Greg Kemp and Stephanie (971), Eric Zuks (972), Peter McVicars and Elaine (973), Bill Mitchell and Annette (974), Allan Smith and Dallas (975), Tony Iannella (976) and Martin Kimpton with Joanne (977).

A reminder for the upcoming Polish Hill (10km south of Clare) event (28th March till 4th April) which focuses on meeting members, socialising and some 4wd activity.

Dorado Downs (near Geranium) may shortly be the site for some ‘sand’ training/driving – keep an eye on Catchat for more details.

Go to this site for a very extensive South Australian booklet on spider and snake bite.

Membership renewals have been due since January and should have been completed by the end of February with the annual fee of $80, BSB 035047 Account 255297 – please include your Mitsi number.

I’m looking forward to meeting and chatting to members at Polish Hill.

Des Leach

Ps. Drive, guy. That green light isn’t going to get a deeper green. It’ll only ripen and turn yellow.”











COME AND SAY “G’DAY” to us in the Wayville Pavillion at the 2018 Caravan & Camping Show : Feb 14th to 18th !

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President’s Report – January 2018

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Welcome to the New Year and a ‘boot’ full of trips and activities for 2018.

I’ve just returned from our annual Victorian Alps trip and have had plenty of practice driving steep and broken tracks to vantage points with extraordinary views eg. the goat track to the Pinnacles and CFA tower then to the top of Mt Bulla (1805 metres) and 24 crossings of the Crooked river.
I thank all participants for their shared cooperation during the trip.   A highlight was the New Years eve dinner near Moscow Villa on the Bentley Plain, an extraordinary event feeding over twenty people with everything supplied from within the group.

Please welcome new members Philip Gibbs and Vicky – I trust you’ll enjoy your Xmas present, Philip.

We will conduct a Social meeting on the 23rd January 2018 with guest speaker Senior Constable Robert GRINTER (M 0413563667) from the South Australia Police Road Safety Centre. I’ve included Robert’s mobile number if you have any questions ‘on notice’.

A reminder regarding the AGM on the 27th March – with the assistance of many we will make light work of the tasks ahead in 2018.

Volunteers are required for the annual Caravan & Camping Show for half day shifts either AM or PM over the period Thurs 15th Feb to Sunday 18th Feb. Please email John O’Daly at to offer assistance.

Many of us routinely tow trailers and caravans – do you know the SAPOL requirements when towing?

What is the procedure to order a Tow truck if at an accident site ?

Ford Ranger/Mazda BT50 has a recall – as some may cause grass fires.

I’m looking forward to meeting as many members as is possible in an event filled 2018.
Des Leach

PS : It takes 8,460 bolts to assemble an automobile, and one nut to scatter it all over the road.