Acting President’s Report – November 2014

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You might not realise it yet, but you are reading the final edition of Catchat for 2014.
Due to the busy lifestyles we all lead during the Christmas / New Year period the club tends to quieten down this time of year and as a consequence does not publish a December edition of Catchat, nor does it hold a December social meeting.  This often results in a flurry of activity to conduct the business of the club and get ready for the New Year around now.

We still have the November social meeting to go, where we will elect a Club President to fill the vacancy left by Mark by way of a quick Special General Meeting, then move into the more regular social meeting format of a guest speaker with this month’s topic being Camp Fire Cooking. It should be an interesting talk, so come along for a listen.
We have the Club Christmas Party ahead which is typically the highlight of the year for the children, but is also a great opportunity for adults to socialise over a lazy weekend if you can spare the time.
Alternatively, a daytrip is feasible given the close proximity to town for those with a busy schedule. The long trips group also have one final meeting and then we have a little quiet time before the routine of the club kicks in for the New Year.

2014 has been a busy one.  We have had success in attracting many new members to the club which in turn injects new ideas and enthusiasm. If you are one of the new members, I hope we have made you feel welcome and you are starting to get something out of the club you wish for.  Joining in on a trip or a training event is probably the best way to meet club members and make new friends so I would encourage you to get involved.
We have had a great year for both short and long trips. Short trips have included destinations such as the Limestone Coast, Broken Hill, Ngarkat, Peake, Saunders Gorge, Flinders Ranges and the Bendleby Ranges. Long Trips have included the Snowy Mountains, the Len Beadell Roads, the Victorian High Country and Madigan’s Line.
The Training team have held successful events in the Peake Sand Dunes and the Morgan Quarry which have been well attended.
We were a bit quiet on the Social scene this year, however a Quiz Night and a Day Trip taking in the Power of the Past field day at Mt Barker were conducted.
We launched a new and improved Website and will continue to work to improve the content of this.

2015 should be a good year for the club. The Trips pages are already offering both Day and Short Trips, with several day trips approved recently and a few more being considered. Day trips are one of the easier ways to get club members involved in the club and something we see as an opportunity to build on for next year.

On behalf of the committee I wish you all a safe and happy Christmas / New Year period and look forward to catching up in January. If you are on the roads, drive safely and have a good break.

Steve Pearson

Vice President Mitsubishi 4WD Club SA.