Acting President’s Report – July 2017

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Many club members are currently away, travelling to warmer destinations while those of us remaining in Adelaide are finally getting a taste of winter.     Despite this, there is still plenty going on in the club.

Don’t forget the Breakfast Drive on Sunday 30th July, a great opportunity to get out for a drive in the morning, enjoy a cooked breakfast and a chat with fellow members, then perhaps plan your own day up in the hills.    Registrations of interest are a little slow at the time of writing, so plenty of space for those thinking about coming along.    See the flyer in the Trips pages this issue.

Peake is also coming up in September, with just 1 member nominated so far, it is time to think about getting out into the sand dunes for training or social driving. See the flyer elsewhere in the magazine.

Congratulations to David Snook – Member 922 who was awarded an OAM on the Queen’s Birthday for his services with the CFS and Lions.    A great achievement, well done David.

In the last issue of Catchat, we raised the ongoing cost of printing and distributing ‘hardcopy’ versions of our Cat Chat newsletter.    Did you know that each printed copy of Catchat costs the club about $2.00? And postage for a printed Catchat is a further $2.00?    While a large majority of club members are receiving full colour email copies of Catchat, we are currently printing around 20 copies per month, 3 of which are posted to club members, while the balance tend to be picked up at social meetings.    The committee has identified significant cost savings for the club if we can reduce our printing and postage costs.    If you are currently picking up a hardcopy Catchat at the social meeting, please consider if just the emailed copy is sufficient, thereby saving the club $2.00 per copy.    If you receive a posted copy of Catchat, would an electronic copy suffice?    We hope to receive feedback from club members, and will monitor if there is any reduction in reliance on the hardcopy Catchat in the future.

Do you have skills or an interest in long distance communications particularly Satellite Phones?
It’s been a number of years since we purchased a pair of IsatPhone Pro units and the world of technology has moved on.    We wish to form a small sub-committee to research and report on the best options for the Club in the future.    Please have a chat to a Committee member ‘yellow member badges’ or send an email to my address.

Have you been left frustrated observing the poor/dangerous behaviour of other motorists, here’s some advice from SAPOL :-

Steve Pearson – Acting President . . . during the winter.

“Never argue with an idiot. They will only bring you down to their level and beat you with experience.” George Carlin