President’s Report – October 2016

President’s Report – October 2016

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Finally, we’re seeing and feeling the warmth of Spring following our record breaking Winter. It’ll be interesting to see the effect of all this rain on the outback roads and tracks.

We welcome new members Tony Fitzgerald; David Muspratt and Joanna; Mathew Carr; Derek Mikolaj and Helen and look forward to their participation in Club events.

Following the Special General Meeting at our last Social meeting, all items were approved. The late Bob Willson was made a Life Member. All changes to the Constitution relating to the removal of the role of Vice President were approved. We welcome Kevin Jolly and John O’Daly onto the Management Committee with John taking over the role of Trips Coordinator from Steve Pearson who will remain on the Committee.

Many thanks to Steve Pearson and also Bob Bolto who is retiring after many years working with the various sub-committees. Bob has had a long term commitment to the Club including the role of President and many other positions (elected and appointed) and we owe him a great debt.

These sub-committees form an integral part of the ‘engine room’ of the Club undertaking fundamental work which is integral to our functioning and I thank all of their members for their time and contribution. If members would like to assist the Club (behind the scenes) please contact me for a chat.

This link will take you to the latest Road Safety information from SAPOL and discusses:-

 Road Safety presentations for the 2015-16 Financial Year

 Motorcycle helmets – new ECE standard

 Requirements to keep left on roads and not tailgate other vehicles

 Robots on the Road?

 Pokémon searches.

We are hearing anecdotally that overloaded vehicles/vans are being detected in South Australia by mobile testing units resulting in these vehicles being towed and substantial fines issued. It’s important to be aware of the axle and overall weight limitations of our vehicles and to comply with manufacturer’s requirements to maintain our vehicle Insurance and most importantly safety for all road users.

A reminder to members to book into the Barossa Valley Tourist Park (Fri 25th to Sun 27th November 2016) for our 30th anniversary celebration. If you have contact with any past members please mention the event to them and they are very welcome to join us.

Des Leach