President’s Report – September 2016

President’s Report – September 2016

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Lyn and I purchased our Pajero almost 5 years ago and I pondered at the time the remote and exotic locations where this vehicle would take us. I’ve not been disappointed and for us, this Club has provided most of those opportunities.

At the beginning of winter we headed off on the Club trip to the Kimberley and have returned to see the start of spring. On this trip we were treated to highlights every couple of days to the point where it was hard to keep up and we relied on our journal and photos to keep our head around what we had experienced.

Special thanks to our Management Committee members and trip leaders who volunteer their time and experience to ensure the Club runs smoothly and is able to offer training and trips to all parts of this wonderful country.

Vale – Bob Willson
The passing of our long serving Secretary came much quicker than expected and I was unfortunately away for his funeral. Thanks, to Kingsley Neumann for delivering part of the eulogy and to those members who attended the funeral and have supported Robyn. Bob will be long remembered for his energy and commitment to our Club, he reveled in Committee debates and his significant contribution to our trips will be sadly missed.

I look forward to the 30th anniversary celebrations -particularly chatting to members present and past. A reminder to members to book into the Barossa Valley Tourist Park from (Fri 25th to Sun 27th November 2016).  The park has now opened our reservation to the public and will fill quickly given that another event is running next to ours.

We welcome new members Neil Raymond and Mary; John Smith and Kathy and look forward to their participation in Club events.

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A reminder of the formal notice of a Special General Meeting (SGM) to be held as part of the Sept 27th Social Meeting. The ‘SGM’ agenda will include the 2017 budget approvals; changes to the Vice President’s role in the Constitution and a vote for a Life Membership of the Club. (This is in accordance with section F(4)b of the Club Constitution where a minimum of 21 days notice is to be provided to members.)

Whilst it’s great to be back home after a wonderful 10 week trip, my “to do” list keeps expanding and we do miss those days in the 30’s wearing just shorts and a T-shirt.

Des Leach