President’s Report – August 2015

President’s Report – August 2015

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As you read this – all being well, we should be nearing the end of the Hay River trip. At the time of writing I’m looking forward the camp fire chats a red wine and the camaraderie that exists between members as they pursue their interest in 4WD, where ever it takes them.

We welcome new members Ron Kelly and Michelle. Please make them feel welcome as they try the various activities offered by the Club.

The Mechanical Interest Group was addressed by Graeme and Marie from High Tech Diesel, based at Kilburn. This was a very ‘down to earth’ presentation lacking the “spin” when presenters have something to sell. Topics included fuel filtering, chipping engines, operation of “common rail” fuel systems and an offer to Mitsi 4WD Club members of 10% discount. In addition, special training sessions will be offered on topics including the use of ‘code readers’ for engine diagnostics. If you’re interested in attending please email me at the address below.

At the July Social meeting, Tom from 4WDSYTEMS provided a ‘warts and all’ presentation on his 30 plus years experience in maintaining and modifying off road vehicles. His direct approach ‘ruffled a few feathers’ amongst the group and he attracted plenty of questions during the evening.

Whilst the cold weather persists, I notice on my morning walk that the dawn is greeting us earlier and that Spring is just around the corner – bring it on!


Des Leach

Ps. I hate when I’m set on running a yellow light and the person in front of me chickens out.