President’s Report – May 2015

President’s Report – May 2015

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It’s a month since the move to our new venue, with the first evening drawing a large audience of about 80 members and visitors. Special thanks to Rob Grinter from SAPOL who drew many questions and responses from the audience.
The Committee is keen to take full advantage of these new facilities and we’d like to use the gas hot plates to prepare food (BBQ) prior to the start of Social meetings. Please email your contact details to me if you’re happy to assist with food preparation and cooking. Once we’re familiar with the stoves etc. I’m keen to expand our offerings beyond the humble ‘snag and sauce’.
A number of members have suggested that our social evenings shouldn’t always involve a guest speaker and that they’d love to have a good ‘chin wag’. I’ll organise 3 to 4 ‘speaker free’ Social nights over the coming year. A theme similar to the ‘bush cooking’ session (we had at the end of last year) can also be included where experienced members can share their collective knowledge with the gathered group.
Our annual Polish Hill event highlighted the social aspects of our Club and we were blessed with exceptionally pleasant weather. I enjoyed wandering between individuals and groups having a good natter on whatever topic prevailed at the time. The trip to Peterborough (I grew up there) for some 4WDing was a highlight.
I’m currently organising a tour of the REDARC factory at Lonsdale for the Mechanical Awareness Group. If you’re interested in attending, please email me – it may be during the day, evening or both depending on numbers, and is likely to occur on or around Tuesday 16th June.
In August a small group of us are heading out to explore the scenic Hay River (see Trips, Outings and Social Events) if you would like to join us, please send an email to Tom or me.
Mitsubishi has just released the upgraded MY16 Triton claiming “more torque, exceptional fuel economy, outstanding manoeuvrability along with a more spacious, quiet and comfortable cabin”.
We look forward to feedback from those members who get to test drive this new Triton in 4WD mode.
Des Leach
Ps. Patience is something you admire in the driver behind you and scorn in the one ahead.

President’s Report – April 2015

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It is with pride that I write my first monthly report in my new role as President of this fine club.

First of all I thank Steve Pearson for taking on the role of President, given his busy family and work life. We owe him a debt of gratitude for filling in a role which he initially was hesitant to take. He’s done a fine job and the Club is in good shape.

I welcome Tom Eltridge-Smith as the new Vice President of the Club. Tom will also continue in his role as Membership Officer.

My first Social meeting as President coincides with the move to the Sporting Car Club at 51 King William Road, Unley SA 5061. Special thanks to the Management Committee as they’ve quickly organised the many aspects necessary for a smooth transition.

The new venue promises to be an improvement over the West Adelaide Footy Club whose increases in hire fees were unsustainable. I look forward to having vehicles “on stage” and accessible for easy inspection. I encourage you to evaluate the new premises and provide feedback to committee members.

I welcome new members Steven Bolto with Simone; Max Klubal with Diana; David Snook with Pam; Martyn Bartlett with Sharon and Neil Davidson with Marie. Please make them feel welcome as they try the different activities offered by the Club.

The Mechanical Interest group has completed its inaugural meeting with 14 members. It was agreed to meet on the third Tuesday of the month at the Earl of Leicester at 1915hrs. I look forward to site visits and special guests who can assist us become more familiar with our vehicles. Initial discussions were quite varied with much of the conversation focussed on the use and servicing of Automatic Transmissions particularly after towing or undertaking ‘heavy’ work.

I am particularly interested in the environmental activities of the Club and am keen to add “The Bunkers” north east of Wilpena and Gluepot bird sanctuary to the sites we regularly visit.

Many of you may have noticed an announcement from the Western Australian State Government (supported by their Federal counterparts) that they are reviewing the funding for up to 150 remote Indigenous communities. Beyond the issue of constraining the Indigenous from attending to their traditional lifestyles it may also present a challenge to the 4WD Clubs. Our refuelling and repair points would be restricted and we may have to revert back to pre-paid fuel drops. The Committee will be watching this potential new cost cutting exercise with keen interest.

Finally, I encourage all members to take an active role in the running of the Club and look forward to meeting many of you at upcoming events.

Des Leach

Ps. if all the cars in the Australia were placed end to end, it would probably be Easter Monday.