President’s Report – March 2015

President’s Report – March 2015

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What a whirlwind year it has been for the club, and for me.       12 months ago I was elected Vice President but due to our previous President stepping down from his position I found myself in the hot seat firstly as Acting President and then later elected President.     This was a bit of a challenge for me, so thanks for bearing with me during this steep learning curve.

The Club has had a successful year.   We have run very well planned and attended day trips, long weekend trips and long trips.     Additionally, there have been good opportunities to participate in training events and social activities.    The trips, training and social events are the backbone of a successful 4WD club and I wish to thank the trip leaders, trainers and social coordinators for their efforts during the year.   If you have attended any of the above, I expect you would agree with me that they were fun filled events.

As this is my last report as President I would like to thank the committee who get together on the first Tuesday of each month to keep the club running.     With a committee of 9 or 10, the workload is able to be spread around and my feeling is the club is in good hands and in for a strong future.    We continue to attract new members, but also seem to lose a similar number of current members each year making for a stable membership number.

The club recently exhibited a stand at the caravan and camping show where significant interest in the club was generated.     If we can turn some of this interest into new members, it will be considered a worthwhile event.     During the caravan show, the club purchased a couple of new handheld UHF 80 channel radios to replace our ageing fleet of 40 channel units. These are now available for members to borrow during training and trips if required, complementing our 2 Sat. Phones and all the other gear the club owns.

You will read elsewhere in the magazine that the Mechanical Interest Group is about to kick off.   This is aimed at members who wish to get a bit hands on with their Pajero, Triton or Challenger.     Modern cars can be a daunting thing to work on, but with the right knowledge and skills, it is still quite reasonable to expect you could do your own minor servicing, fit some aftermarket accessories or even a DIY project.    This group aims to share collective wisdom from Mitsubishi owners.    If this is something that interests you, please get in touch with the group.

The Polish Hill event is fast coming up.   This has been a popular event on and off for nearly 20 years.   On offer is pleasant camping, a huge communal hall and kitchen, touring opportunities and winery visits.    The trip leader is well short of participants at this stage.   Without significant additional nominations the planned Bush Band may not go ahead.    You have probably received an email by the time you read this magazine to call for final nominations to fill the trips. Please contact the trip leader if this trip is of interest.

Finally, after 18 years meeting at the West Adelaide Football club, it is time to investigate a new venue.    Future room availability and severe cost increase has the committee looking around for an alternate venue.    If you know of somewhere reasonably central, able to accommodate 80 or so people and offering good car parking, please let one of the committee know about it.

Steve Pearson

President Mitsubishi 4WD Club SA.