Acting President’s Report – October 2014

Acting President’s Report – October 2014

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Due to the President’s extended holidays, it was to Steve-Pearson-pic
be my duty as Acting President to chair the Club’s
Social and Committee Meetings for the remainder
of the year along with filling the President’s Page
with a few words.

To date, I have managed to Chair a Social and Committee meeting and thought that I might struggle for something to write as part of this page. Instead, I find it my unfortunate duty to advise that Mark Greenfield has resigned from his position as President of the Club. Mark’s heavy workload, membership of another social club along with family commitments meant that he has been unable to attend many of our Club events, therefore he felt his position as President was compromised. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mark for his time as President, having been elected in November 2013, I felt he conducted his duties very professionally running the club Social and Committee meetings in a well prepared and concise manner. The club will miss his contributions greatly. Mark’s resignation has driven the need to convene a Special General Meeting on November 25th to elect a new President, details of which you will find within this edition of Catchat. If you are at all interested in this position, please discuss with me or one of the committee.

Apart from having a vacant position for President, the club is in a very strong position. We have a hard working committee to steer things along, several sub committees working to improve things like our new website, our membership and training databases and attracting new members while also looking to retain current ones. We continue to attract new members to the club, offer interesting guest speakers at our social meetings, provide a good range of trips which have been well attended through-out the year and continue to offer a great training program. This framework should enable a bright future for the club which has our 30th Anniversary just around the corner due to be celebrated in 2016.

Steve Pearson
Vice President Mitsubishi 4WD Club SA.