President’s Report – September 2014

President’s Report – September 2014

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Congratulations Peter Sandercock for being elected the Club’s second Life Member by your fellow Club members and peers; also thanks to our original Life Member Lance Boagey for promoting Peter’s nomination with the Committee and doing an excellent job of proposing Peter for Life Membership at the Special General Meeting. Please see the minutes of the SGM for the successful citation that was accepted by more than the required 75% of the members present.

Congratulations also to all those involved with the preparation and successful adoption of the several Club Constitution changes that were accepted at the Special General Meeting on August 26th. Introduced to improve the management of our Club these will be published as soon as possible following acceptance by the relevant bureaucratic body that handles the constitutions of incorporated bodies such as ours.

Those that made-up the very good attendance at the Special General Meeting that was combined with our regular August Social meeting, were treated to a fairly brief but well-presented show-and-tell of portable solar panels and back-up battery “thumpers” by Alan Fairhead of “Home of 12 Volt”.

Please check-out this local family company’s web page at 

batteries-pic The Club’s Committee met on Tuesday September 2nd — this was a very busy and productive meeting with the extra incentive of there being no meeting possible in October as so many members will be away on trips that there will not be a quorum available. Issues addressed included supporting the new editors of Cat Chat, the Christmas weekend, security for the Members’ only section of the Club web-site, up-coming activities including Social meetings, trips and training, including the Peake Weekend later this month which will host at least 27 vehicles. The ablutions (long drop dunny) got quite a bit of discussion and it was resolved that a quantity of lime is to be included in the essential items for the weekend!

Club President



Madigan Line Trip Report – August 2014

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August 11th to 27th 2014

Elmo, Blue Crane, Rattles, Wanderer, Hillbillies, and Marvin all met RV at Woomera where we avoided erecting tents one more night by bunking into the caravan park’s backpackers accommodation.

The happy bunch of adventurers soon welded into a fun group, supporting each other and solving minor problems, so admirably led by Pat and Colin. Amongst this motley lot there was vast experience – and I’m just talking about the girls!! Oh alright, the fellas too. We had been told to expect harsh conditions on people and cars on our trip following Madigan’s footsteps. Probably the decision to go later in the season was a wise one – others made tracks for us to follow. (Not just a pretty face is our Colin!) The weather was perfect – sunny days, fresh nights (some fresher than others), brilliant orange moon ordered and supplied for the first few nights, fresh winds kept flies at bay during the day, and good luck charms travelling with group kept the rain away.

Orange Moon at Woomera Pussy Willow Tree (dead feral cats) at William Creek
Algebuckina Bridge Eringa Waterhole
Andado Homestead Mungarannie Waterhole
Spinifex, Ghost Gums and wildflowers of every hue and size against the famous red sand hills with the brilliant blue skies – amazing colours.

Camels, Cattle, Emus, Dingoes, Horses, ‘Roos (at Clare!)
Birds: Eagles, Corellas, Hawks, Ducks, Budgies, Galahs and two Brolgas at Mungarannie

For all the pioneers (and their women) so sad to see the ruins of dreams and small graves. You almost feel their despair, as well admiration for them all.

Bull dust crossing Hale River Plains – 6.5 hours to do 82 kms.
Corrugations into Birdsville on the QAA Line – these were really bad.


Getting bogged in both sand hills and river bed – and getting out
Bakery spotting
Leaders changed daily
Finding acceptable camp sites
Wood gathering and deciding which wood could be burnt and what was needed for woodturning
Getting misplaced
Bow tying displays
Mandatory ice-cream at Laura – at 9.05am on a 5 degree morning

This Madigan trip was very successful mainly due to the dedication and planning by Colin and back up by Pat. (Without us girls where would they be – stuck on a sand hill short cut perhaps?)

The group all pitched in with whatever needed doing, making the load safer and easier for all and that is what travelling with a group is all about. A memorable trip enjoyed by all.

Many thanks to Colin and Pat.